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Grove Front Gallery

Located in Sechelt, British Columbia Grove Front Gallery is dedicated to presenting high-end and well designed wood art from local and international artists. Our dream is to provide a platform for Wood Artists to gain the exposure to break out into the art world.


wood ART

The elegant use of one of natures most primitive and organic material to create stunning pieces is the reason why Grove Front Gallery only displays art where wood is the main feature.



Art Collection

Amerigo Vespucci 1931

Amerigo Vespucci 1931

Ship Models

Come take a look at these historic ship models hand-built in Mauritius that range in size from 60cm to 2m. See the fine craftsmanship and details each of these ships have and read about their unique history and sea voyages.

Morin Tardif

Morin Tardif

featured artists

Here you will find wood artists with the skill set to create the finest work with precision and design. Their ideas and philosophy are different but their love for working with wood is alike.