Art Crawl 2019 October 18th - 20th


‘The Crawl’ is held along the entire Sunshine Coast from Langdale to Earls Cove or Earls Cove to Langdale. Over the 3 days, the ‘Coast’ transforms into one large interactive art show. It is a celebration of events, demonstrations, displays, and opportunities to meet the artists behind their amazing creations. In 2019 there are over 360 artists in 186 galleries, artists studios and a variety of other venues. It is such a great time to gather your friends and family and get a taste of what Coast Life is all about, and discover some unique and sometimes very off the road locations. It is a chance to meet the artists in their studios and experience the vibrant arts and culture community on the Sunshine Coast as you follow brochure maps, directional signs, smartphone maps, and other Crawlers.

More info about the Art Crawl:

Jimmy Cheng